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Distributing Ciabatta &Focaccia

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Distributing Ciabatta &Focaccia

hi there ,

we are a family owned bakery for over 26 years . We are not embarking on distributing ciabatta bread. W have order hoagie pans 6 " x 3" x 1/2" . We are not sure how we are going to dispense the sticky dough into the bun pans . We would like a mechanical method to save time . Also if some can suggest , if we should supply it half baked , which perservative will be best for the shelf life. \

This is the first time we are venturing in the wholesale market. 

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 


Melissa Pascal 

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If you have that many years of commercial baking experience I'm surprised you don't already have the answer to your preservatives question:

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Your best bet would be to contact the commercial bakery supplier you use and ask what products they have available to use as preservatives. The % used is typically quite small and a 20-40 kilo bag will last quite a while. Best of luck with your new endeavour!