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Based on family connections, I have asked for relatives to bring yeast from England and France.  An interested party asked why?  I said that it made the bread taste like the country it came from.  Which prompted the question, what makes yeast taste different, place to place?

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Your are talking about Sourdough Wild Yeast..? (As in a starter)? or commercial yeast.. ? or fresh (cake) yeast? Fresh and sourdough yeast soes impart some unique flavor.. but commercial instant or dry yeast has nothing special to offer.. it is essentially a single strain of yeast extracted from beer industry.. dried, and packaged.


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...the bread taste like the country it came from...

It's often more a matter of the flour (and also the recipe:-).

Good luck though! I fully expect your experiences making breads that taste like they came from somewhere else will be eagerly followed by lots of folks here on TFL.