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Soft Prezels ala Alton Brown

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Soft Prezels ala Alton Brown

Got the bug to make some soft pretzels the other day, so I pulled out Alton Brown's recipe and made a dozen. You can get the recipe from the Foodnetwork dot com. I add 1/2 oz. of additional water to bring the dough weight up to 36.25 oz, which gives me 12 pretzles at 3 oz. each. Alton calls for 8 pretzels at 4.5 oz. ea.. We like the smaller size, and freeze most of them, refreshing them in the microwave.





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Very nice! I've made Alton's recipe for these as well. They are delicious and don't last long in our house.

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  • 1 1/2 cups warm (110 to 115 degrees F) water
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • 1 package active dry yeast
  • 22 ounces all-purpose flour, approximately 4 1/2 cups
  • 2 ounces unsalted butter, melted
  • Vegetable oil, for pan
  • 10 cups water
  • 2/3 cup baking soda
  • 1 large egg yolk beaten with 1 tablespoon water
  • Pretzel salt

Combine the water, sugar and kosher salt in the bowl of a stand mixer and sprinkle the yeast on top. Allow to sit for 5 minutes or until the mixture begins to foam. Add the flour and butter and, using the dough hook attachment, mix on low speed until well combined. Change to medium speed and knead until the dough is smooth and pulls away from the side of the bowl, approximately 4 to 5 minutes. Remove the dough from the bowl, clean the bowl and then oil it well with vegetable oil. Return the dough to the bowl, cover with plastic wrap and sit in a warm place for approximately 50 to 55 minutes or until the dough has doubled in size.


Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. Line 2 half-sheet pans with parchment paper and lightly brush with the vegetable oil. Set aside.


Bring the 10 cups of water and the baking soda to a rolling boil in an 8-quart saucepan or roasting pan.


In the meantime, turn the dough out onto a slightly oiled work surface and divide into 8 equal pieces. Roll out each piece of dough into a 24-inch rope. Make a U-shape with the rope, holding the ends of the rope, cross them over each other and press onto the bottom of the U in order to form the shape of a pretzel. Place onto the parchment-lined half sheet pan.


Place the pretzels into the boiling water, 1 by 1, for 30 seconds. Remove them from the water using a large flat spatula. Return to the half sheet pan, brush the top of each pretzel with the beaten egg yolk and water mixture and sprinkle with the pretzel salt. Bake until dark golden brown in color, approximately 12 to 14 minutes. Transfer to a cooling rack for at least 5 minutes before serving.

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Wow!  2/3 of a cup: that is a lot of baking soda!  I have never made pretzels before but that sounds like an inordinate amount.  Is that not a typo?  That would be like one and a half tubs of baking soda.

Those pretzels look soft and delicious. :) Lovely bake!


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Mini Oven

This is the dip and has to be strong.  Syd, your soda comes in tubs?   The mixture can be saved stored and reused as well.  

I actually prefer to dip cold (36°C) and let them all sit in the soda water mixture about 15-20 minutes, rotating frequently.  When done, I boil the dip, cool and store cool.  Less dangerous without playing in all the hot water.  

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Thanks for explaining that, Mini!  And here I was thinking this was part of the leavening!  Well, I learn something new everyday here. :)  (I buy soda from the baking stores and it has been repackaged in little plastic tubs).  Nice to know that it can be reused.


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Mini Oven

not 15 to 20 minutes.  Guess I better go get that second cup of coffee.  :)