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Fantastic Site Here

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Fantastic Site Here

This site is a wonderful resource that I come back to over and over again as I learn how to make some of the extraordinary breads being presented here.  I have learned so much reading and studying how people have made their breads.  I have watched videos over and over again learning new techniques for dough development and handling that I have been able to apply right away in my kitchen.  I have no access to libraries or bread books here in Thailand, so I have depended soley on the internet and mostly on TFL to teach me how sourdough artisan breads are made.  I have been thrilled about the kinds of fantastic-tasting and attractive loaves I have been able to bake as a result of what I have learned right here.  I have also been able to make a very active and stable sourdough starter that I use almost daily for my breads thanks to the great tutorials & methods for creating a good starter. 

Many thanks to all of you who have contributed and shared your information.  Your help and encouragement has been the best. 


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you might enjoy it as an addition to your online bakery websites.