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Steal of a deal on a Kitchenaid mixer!

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Steal of a deal on a Kitchenaid mixer!

Wow - Home Outfitters (Canadian version of Linen and Things) were clearing out their demo model Kitchenaid Professional 600 mixers this weekend - a friend just happened to be in the store and put one on hold for me.  Regular price was $699.00 Cdn, they were 50% OFF!  So I bought my new mixer for less $$ than I bought my Artisan mixer 2 years ago (when it was on sale), and once I sell my Artisan mixer, I'll have paid only $100 for the Professional.  Wow.

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That's fantastic! I was looking at Home Outfitters, but the mixers there were too expensive so I ended up buying my KitchenAid Pro 5 at Costco. I wish I'd been that lucky to come across such a good deal on a 600 model.