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Hydrating active yeast in my homegrown wild yeast

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Hydrating active yeast in my homegrown wild yeast

Ok, I started playing around with yeasts, I have become really good at raising and keeping my wild texas sourdough starter. My question is, will it make any difference if I use 100g of my texas wild yeast instead of 100g of filtered water to hydrate my active yeast. I am just making a basic white bread loaf. 

My texas sourdough starter is 1:1 flour water and is about a couple weeks old, And has a good rise on a 16 - 18 hour rise.

I mixed the flour and water let sit for 30 minutes

then mixed 1.5 teaspoons of active yeast in 100g of my wild texas starter and let sit for 15 to 20 minutes (it started to expand in bowl) until the flour and water were ready.

Then mixed 3 ingredients together and added the salt.

I will bake these in a loaf pans.

Will post my finding on look and taste.

Let me know what you think of this.

I am new to all this and having a great time with all the success and failures I have made.

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Postal Grunt

As long as you've accounted for the total amounts of flour and water in your dough for your desired hydration level, you should be fine. There are recipes that use a little bit of instant dry yeast in a sourdough bread in J Hamelman's book "Bread". The IDY is used to help bring about a more predictable fermentation and proofing schedule.