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Creamy French recipe?

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Wendy S

Creamy French recipe?

Hi, I'm new to the site and was looking at all the wonderful posts and recipes.  I'm making the Bienenstich cake right now.  I'm wondering if any of you have a recipe for a wonderful bread my daughter and I enjoy at the mall.  There is a bakery there that sells a CREAMY FRENCH which is a small baguette shaped bread that is sliced lengthwise and filled with a vanilla custard.  We just love it and would like to try making it at home.  Any suggestions?




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le boulanger de...

hi i may have an idea for you

make an viennoise with the custard it ll match better than a "normal bagette"

but as you describe it i am pretty sure the stuff you can get in a viennoise or a paint au lait

i am pretty bussy today but asap i m trying to give you a wee recipe :)