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Sourdough Multigrain Bread

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Sourdough Multigrain Bread

I have recently purchased a 7 grain Sourdough bread from Wegman's and it is absolutely the best I've had yet.  I am new to bread baking and would like to know if anyone has a receipe that is close to this bread. It has a beautiful crunchy crust and lots of grains and has a wonderful sweet taste.  I have yet to make a bread with a crunchy crust and don't know what I am doing wrong.  Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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My wife likes this bread also. I am wondering if it is really sourdough. It lists yeast on the nutrition label. What kind of yeast I am not sure, but if it's wild yeast in the tradition of sourdough, they are not saying. I am impressed with the looks of the product, and they do use some small amt of whole wheat.   Ray

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Hi isis 712, sorry, I wrote nutrition label and meant to write ingredient list. Thanks,   Ray

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I made a 10 grain "slightly sourdough" bread yesterday using a sourdough levain and used La Brea Bakery recipe for Levain Batard.  I substituted a cup of flour with Red Mill 10 grain hot cereal and added 1/4 C. barley syrup.  Also, I baked at 375 instead of their usual 450, to get the crust a little softer.  It still had a great crunch on top and tasted somewhat like the  bread you described. 

Good luck!

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This (link below) is one of the threads I contibuted to last year.It is based on a Multigrain Bread by Cooks Illustrated.Very good! The trick to a good multigrain is to make sure you develop the gluten properly and keep it wet!. The stickiness from the grains can fool you into thinking you need more flour. This dough will never be the "smooth as a baby's behind" type of dough. If it is then you've added too much flour! Handle the dough with either damp or oiled hands. I keep a bowl of water handy and dunk my fingers in it once in a while.A wet bench scraper is also a great tool. Also use stretch and fold, rather than kneading.

Have fun!