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What do the dials do?

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What do the dials do?

I am trying to work out how to use this oven. It's an old oven and I can't find any information about it on the internet. This is the first time I have used a professional oven and don't really know what the dials do. I have tried to find a datasheet/manual on the internet for this oven but I think it is too old. Anyway, if anyone can advise me what the dials control or give me any tips for using an oven this old I'd be very grateful. Atm I am just turning it on and waiting until it gets hot (by using digital probes - the thermometers are inaccurate) before I bake. 

Here are some pictures of the oven


Thanks in advance.

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heat settings, maybe for upper and lower elements. Play with it. 

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The label says 240 volts, is that what you have it hooked up to? Looks like some chem or science oven.


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I had my A+ German student look at it and we tried some dictionary searches, but he is a post-2000-German speaker and that is clearly a pre-2000 nameplate.

I am wonder though if the '3X' on the third line means 3-phase. 


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Apparently, Dahlen is still in the oven business:

Might be able to check with them.


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Mini Oven

My own look at the dials can mean nothing, if the dials pull off to clean, then they might not be in the original positions.  Keep that in mind as you play around. Looks to me like one oven to a stackable oven group (legs? or clamp marks?) one in a group of 4 maybe.  Be clear in your contact to Dahlen how many ovens are hooked together.  (I suspect E1B-41B  may mean "Electric 1B - Four ovens 1B for an example.)  One dial & light could be steam.  Is there any metal hose connections or nipples at the back?  Or in the oven?

Looks Swedish/German   

Spänning or "Connected load" is 3 x 415 +0 V  


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Mini Oven

of another Dahlan oven no longer for sale:

3 x 380 V Anschlusswert gesamt: 18 kW je Backrohr (4 St):4,1 kW Gärraum: 1,6 kW Maße: (B x T x H) 138 x 100 x 201 cm je Backrohr Blechgröße: 90 x 60 cm / bzw. 2 St 45 x 60 cm Gärraum Blechgröße: 45 x 60 cm Bachrohr Höhe: 3 Rohre 14,5 cm; 1 Rohr 20,0 cm Der Backofen ist in sehr gt. Zst., voll fktf., technisch wie optisch ohne besonderer Mängel. Zum Lieferumfang gehören: 5 Backbleche 90 x 60 cm und 20 Backbleche 45 x 60 cm Abholpreis EUR 1.750...

This breaks down to 

3 x 380 V connected load total: 18 kW per Bake oven (4 ovens): 4,1 kW baking room: 1.6 kW Size (width x deep x height) 138 x 100 x 201 centimeters per Baking oven tray size 90 x 60 cm / or 2 trays 45 x 60 cm  Baking Height in ovens: 3 ovens 14.5 cm; one oven 20.0 cm   The ovens are in very good condition, totally functional, technically and visually with nothing missing.  With the delivery belong: 5 baking sheets bla bla bla and the price.  

You might be able to compare ovens and get some idea of what the writing on your oven means to you.

For example my home oven gives off 3.3 kW heat.  Yours lists 9/2 kW

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the town Boras is in Sweden

(Mini, German ovens would be marked better, ahem, grin)