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Needing lots of help

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Leslie Bau

Needing lots of help

I am new to this site and new to baking bread and am in real need of help.  I am looking to make dinner rolls and freeze the dough so it can rise as it thaws.  I found a couple of recipes on this site for lunch lady roll, cafeteria rolls etc. and i think that is exactly what type of recipe i am looking for although no one has mentioned freezing the dough for a later time.  I just dont have time to "time" out my rolls to be done with dinner each day and thought if i could find a perfect awesome recipe that freezes well. Like the ones you buy in the store... i would love advise and recipes.  remember i am new to both, but i am a good cook and can follow a recipe and am willing to practice until i get this right.  thank you for your help


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I do the same thing for my cinnamon buns.

Use one of the recipes you mentioned, after primary fermentation, weigh and shape the dough into your rolls.

Freeze them on a covered tray in the freezer.  After they are well frozen place in a ziploc bag or other long term storage container.

This is the point where you will need to experiment.  I would try putting one in the fridge to defrost the night before and one the following morning.  Bake when you get home from work and see which one worked better.  Adjust if necessary, make sure you document everything well in case you need to refer back to notes for your testing.

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Increase the amount of yeast used, as there will be some die off in the freezer. Start with 25% more and than adjust as needed based on rise time and results.