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"Back" button behavior after reading a searched-for article

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"Back" button behavior after reading a searched-for article

First off, let me express my gratitude to Floyd for engineering this website and to my fellow bakers for providing this community from which I've learned so much.

When I use TFL's search feature, I see results in sets of 10.  If I click on an article on the first page of results, then click my browser's Back button, it takes me back to the same page of search results, so I can easily continue perusing the list.  If however, I exhaust that first page of results and go on to the 2nd (or further) page, then click on an article of interest, and then do "Back", I find myself NOT where I left off in the list, but on the first page, the one I've already seen and exhausted.  Then I have to "Next" to pick up where I left off.  Minor annoyance.

So I was about to complain about this slightly annoying feature of the TFL website, when I decided to try another browser.  I normally use Firefox 3.6.15 on a Mac with OS 10.6.6.  But when I tried Safari 5.0.4, the TFL behaves just as I'd like it to -- when I "Back" from article 15 (for example), I'm back on the page of search results 11-20, right where I want to be.  Perusing the "Preferences" in both Safari and Firefox doesn't show any obvious settings in one or the other that could explain or modify this difference in behavior.  And this behavior doesn't appear to be sensitive to the s/w versions of Firefox or Safari; I've been observing this ever since I started reading TFL more than a year ago.

Does anyone have insight as to why Firefox isn't backing up to the search-result-page I just came from, or some setting that might fix this?



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Same as you, my "back" button always returns me to the first page of search results, even if I was looking at a thread entered from the second page.

It happens consistently for me with Firefox 3.6.13, Firefox, Firefox, and Mozilla 1.6. I too would be very grateful if anyone can shed some light on why this happens. I'd love to change a browser setting  ...if I knew which one to change.

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gotta love mcintosh apples :)

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I'm using a Google embedded search that uses javascript to handle the pagination, I'm pretty sure.  The back button does not typically work normally with that kind of thing.

Safari and Chrome are both Webkit powered browsers; Firefox uses a different engine.  I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it works as you'd like in Chrome too. 

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Altho I'm a high-techie, my expertise doesn't lie in the direction of HTML, websites, Google embedded search, Javascript, and Webkit-powered browsers.  I gather that Google can be harnessed to search only a particular website (e.g., TFL) and perhaps to do that for free, which is a neat thing.

I notice that when I use my Firefox browser to access, which also presents its search results in groups of 10, when I link to a page from, say, the second group and then "Back" to the search results, I end up in the group I came from.  If can do it "right", than I'd be happy to see TFL's embedded Google search do the same thing.

I can't debate how to do that, 'cuz I don't understand it, so I just want to express the wish that it would!  Thanks.

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What I do is open the page I want to see on the current search screen in a new tab.  That way the search screen stays on the page where I want it.  For example, let's say I am on page 10 of a search and there is an article I want to check out.  I do a right click on it and open it in a new tab.  I can see the page in the new tab and then when I go back to the search screens I am on page 10 again.