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gulten failure

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gulten failure

Hi I am an "enthusiastic amateur" and ususall have good results but I was trying out a new recipe for a Jewish style rye bread and as it was working it went from a nice looking dough to an incoherent mass. It kind of dissinegrated into a disorganized --mess. I stopped the machine and added some rye flour and kneaded it by hand and it sort of came back but it really did not rise much. the bread tastes delicious but it is dense. Anybody out there ever see this or know what I did wrong. Thanks Pam

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hard to say what went wrong unless you share the recipe. 

if the gluten was not strong in the first place, then adding some rye flour would not have improved it, as it has so little gluten. Adding white (wheat) flour would've probably helped, but I'm just guessing.





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I've done some reading and could you have over kneeded your rye???