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Re: Artisan Baking Programs

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Re: Artisan Baking Programs



I'm trying to find a good school near where I live that has a good Artisan Bread Program. Neither Le Cordon Bleu nor Cambridge school of Culinary Arts have Artisan Bread Programs in my area.

The only schools I have found are out of state FCI in New York and SFBI in California.

There must be other Artisan Bread Programs in the U.S.

Any suggestions?


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So where do you live?

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Stephan Theriault

Hello, the French Pastry School in Chicago now has a bread program.

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I've taken a couple of the week-long artisan bread classes at SFBI.  It is an extraordinary program, and a terrific facility.  It's particularly nice because they ONLY teach bread and pastry, and the kitchens are designed with this in mind.  I live in the Bay Area, but almost all of the other people came from out of state  or from out of the country, so if you chose to come West, you would not be the only one travelling.

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Have you ever thought about talking to a baker you like in your area? Apprenticing?

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If you're near Vermont, the King Arthur Baking Education Center has a variety of programs .

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OakLeaf Farm 1716

Hi Terri,

Please check out the website,

I highly recommend the 5-day course taught by Carl Shavitz.  Like you, I had a hard time finding an artisan course in my area (East Coast).  I found Carl's website through THe Fresh Loaf in October 20101, and took this class in WA.  I recently responded to a similar question back in November 2010.  In TFL website, search for "artisan bread school" and you will find my response in the 4th line "Best Artisan Bread Schools in the world?" on that link and you will find my response, "Highly Recommend Artisan Bread School with Carl Shavitz"

If you are near NYC, and want a preview of his class, he's doing a focaccia workshop at Eataly on April 2, 2011.  He's teaching the same 5-day course in KY next month as well.   

 I am so glad that I took Carl's  class!!  I bake 2-3 times a week for my family and friends now and LOVE it.  Bread baking seemed so foreign to me and taking this class helped demystify the process and gave me the confidence to try any recipe in my bread books.  And so far, my family and  I  enjoy  fresh bread all week.  While most of the folks in the class are bread amateurs and enthusiasts like myself, there were also folks interested in a baking career.  One of my classmates is baking and selling his bread in his hometown.