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low GI quick bread

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low GI quick bread

HELP! I made a batch of sweet bread (pan dulce) yesterday and it was a disaster! I am trying to change my recipe so that it is diabetic worthy.

I substituted stevia liquid for the sugar and half the all-purpose flour for coconut (25%) and barley (25%) flours but the consitancy is dense, with an aftertaste, the bread didn't rise in the oven or brown. 


Any suggestions????   Thanks :) 

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i think stevia has a very very bitter aftertaste.  to my palate at least; i know some people love it.

there are some blogs out there with recipes that you might want to try, instead of substituting ingredients that may or may not necessarily mimic flour in the way you are intending.  (google gluten free girl - i sometimes read her blog).