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Starting up

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Starting up

Hello everyone,  I have just joined this site.  My name is Sandra and I am researching from the experts tips and advise for opening my own 'Country Bakers'.

I should explain that although I want to make a profit, of course I do, I also want to create a bakers in this area that has more than 2 choices of bread, white crispy and wholemeal.  I am hoping to create a bekers that will provide white, black, brown, Greek, Italian, UK, American, wholegrains, wholemeal, savoury, sweet, fruitbreads. Breads suitable for people with allegies like gluten free etc.  Looking for ideas, recipes, and advice.  I will be building my own brick and earth wood burning oven.

I am looking forward to being part of your community.

Un abrazo

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Unless you intend to set up a very large commercial bakery, it looks like you've got your goals set unreasonably high.  But I wish you success.

Breads for special needs (e.g. gluetn free) require a lot of very careful handling.  If you focused on those alone, successfully, you'd be accomplishing a lot.

Some of the best brick ovens in the world come from Spain.  What is your experience with open hearth baking, brick ovens, etc.?