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Petit Fours

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Bill Pass

Petit Fours


I've been searching the internet for a good website to do with petit fours but have not found much. Can anyone suggest any good resources?

On a slightly more random note, I have also been attempting to put names to the baked goods shown in a picture on Wikipedia for the petit fours page, a link to the page is it is the image entitled ''An assortment of petits fours'. Is anyone able to name the four left most items?



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I love baking petit fours!  I have a great book of inspiration: Sweet Miniatures, The Art of Bite Sized Desserts, Flo Braker, 2000.  From the pic that you referenced, I'd guess it is a variation on Neopolitan Wedges.  The base and layers are tartlet pastry and the filling is flavored buttercream.  That's just from comparing pictures in the book. Maybe some pro out there has first hand knowledge.  Happy baking!


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at least it appears to have an almond slivered with dusted powered sugar topping?


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This is a bit late but I'm new and just poking around.  Anyway, the 3rd pastry pastry from the left (dark chocolate top) looks like Opera Cake, French classic made with jaconde layers, buttercream, and ganache.  The blog "use real butter" has some nice posts on petit fours glacee:

Also, has some good info.