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Making a French Style Loaf v2

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Making a French Style Loaf v2

I think i'm finally getting the hang of making french bread. I won't say my recipe/technique is perfect, but I finally feel confident enough to share bread with freinds. Here's some pictures of what I've been up to.




I've been enjoying these results, but I can't seem to get an even oven spring. That is, where I slash the dough either pops too much or too little while baking. Any ideas how to get a more consistent pop?


Details on what I actually do:


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Your baguettes look great, except for the scoring. Your cuts need to be more parallel to the long axis. That's why you are getting the irregular bloom and loaf bulges.

There are lots of videos on baguette scoring on Some are awful. Some are good. My current favorites are the ones by Ciril Hitz and the ones from King Arthur Four with Jeffrey Hamelman. Searching for these on would be well worth your while.

Happy baking!


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Neat Looking Baguettes, willchernoff! As David Said, Work on your scoring skills..otherwise you baguettes are beautiful.