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The perfect wheat bread?

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The perfect wheat bread?

Hello we're students from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and we have a problem you guys might be able to solve.
We're looking to make a wheat bread/roll, that has a soft and chewy inside, light in density, not grainy, inside should be light in color and is sweet in taste. The crust should be a golden brown.
My friend and I attempted to make this in school, thank Chef, it was pretty good however it was kind of dense and crumbly. We used 100% whole wheat white flour and bread flour. Does anyone know a recipe that we can use to help us get to the perfect wheat bread/roll...?   Thank
This is the one we made. 

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Try this

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, but this is a nice bread.  If you don't want to use sourdough, you can follow the techniques with a yeasted formula.

Hope this helps.

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I second Proth5's suggestion.  I just made this loaf a few days ago and it didn't even last 24 hours in the bread box.  

My daughter, who is our resident 'soft' bread lover, gave it her highest rating.  

My son, who is our resident 'denser' bread lover, did not hesitate to eat his way through most of this loaf. (He is 14 and growing like a weed.)

Peter Reinhart also has great recipes for 100% whole wheat loaves in his book Whole Grain Breads.  Can't go wrong with any of them.

Happy baking to you all.  :-)

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That link worked the first time I tried it, but not now.

Just type: txfarmer wheat bread  into the search feature...

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I haven't tried this recipe, but the people at King Arthur are proud of their WW rolls and put their recipe in the "guaranteed" category. If you try it, let us know what you think.


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Are you looking for a 100 %, meaning all whole wheat with no white flour, or is some white flour(AP or bread flour) ok?

Not exactly clear in your post, as you seem to mention bread flour?

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Good Day,

Our apologies for not being clear. It is okay for us to use bread flour too, we actually used whole wheat white flour and bread flour. Trader Joes has the whole wheat white flour and it gave us the color and  texture, being not so grainy, as we were looking for. However, it was a little crumbly and not as sweet as we would have liked it.

Thank you for your time and any suggestions that you may have to help us create the perfect loaf:)

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I use the whole wheat sandwich bread recipe submitted by AW. I'm a beginner and it's an easy recipe to follow. I can't link it but if you search for "sandwich bread" it's the 3rd recipe that comes up in the search results. Scroll through and read her suggestions for improving your results-very helpful tips. I don't own a kitchen scale or several other handy gadgets that would help with baking but one thing that helped me with density is to stir the flour with a whisk and very carefully measure it so that I don't add too much. I ususally add between 1/2-1 cup less flour than the maximum the recipe calls for. Happy baking!