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Doves Farm Quick Yeast (UK)

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Doves Farm Quick Yeast (UK)

Hi Everyone,

I'm a new BBA baker - and I've been using the 7g sachets that you can buy in most UK supermarkets. However, I've bought some Doves Farm Quick Yeast, and wondered how I should be using it.

The BBA cites the following:

100% Fresh Yest = 50% Active Dry Yeast = 33% instant yeast

So, which of the categories does the Doves yeast fall into? Hopefully somewhere else here is in the UK and using this yeast type.


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It's instant yeast.  (I use the BBA ratios and find Dove Farm to be very reliable.)



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Thanks for the reply, that's great news. Quite cheap for £1.10 at Waitrose!