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Brioche with Sponge

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Brioche with Sponge

Hey all,

Made my first brioche today and I haven't posted in a while so here it goes.


The formula is from Advanced Bread & Pastry by Suas.


Bread Flour                       100.00%

Water                                65.00%

Instant Yeast                       0.10%

Mix and ferment 12-16 hours at RT.


Final Dough:

Bread Flour                        100.00%

Milk                                      7.00%

Eggs                                   72.00%

Osmotolerant Instant Yeast     1.60% *I used instant yeast but added 30% more

Salt                                       2.60%

Sugar                                   22.00%

Butter                                   65.00%

Sponge                                 54.00%

Mix all except butter until well developed. Add butter gradually until fully mixed.

First fermentation 1 hour

Preshape, rest 30 mins in fridge.

Shape, proof 1.5 hours.

Bake 400f ~15mins.

Very light and tender. Think I'll try txfarmer's 100% butter brioche next time.




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Ooooh!  That looks gorgeous.  Lovely bake!


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Lovely color and shapes.  I noticed you added extra  instant yeast instead of using the is recommended to use the same amount of instant yeast or osmotolerant when replacing. So next go you won't need as much yeast.

Happy Baking,


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Those look delicious!  

Small world, I made brioche today too. I used my lazy man's brioche recipe.

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CraigFromNewcastle (not verified)

It looks fantastic. 

Well done.