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bread cost calculator

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bread cost calculator

hi to all

has anybody out there got an excel or orther type of calculator that you can input your bulk costs ie flour 2.00 per kg/lb salt 0.50 per kg/lb ect.

then input your recipe have a cost per loaf.

any help would be great because trying to learn excel is doing my head in.


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Check you mailbox ....

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I would very much like a copy too. 



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Jon Morrison

I too would like a copy.





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Such as it is, I'm happy to send what I've developed to anyone on request.  But I'll need you to send me your email address via the message system provided by this forum.  The message system on "thefreshloaf" doesn't support, as far as I can determine, attachments.

Please keep in mind that the spread sheet requires some input from the user in order to calculate the bottom line but I believe it's worth the few minutes necessary to get it up and running.

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If you don't mind, I would appreciate a copy of the program you created for the cost calculator or the source of where I mght find one.

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All requests received to date/time have been fulfilled.

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LOL, the material is the cheap part of making bread. It's the labor that drives up the cost. This is why I refuse to bake for people on a regular basis. If I charged what my time was worth, they would not be willing to pay that price. Either that, or I could work for below poverty wages so others could enjoy the fruits of my labor at grocery store prices (that bread rarely sees human hands). Neither scenario is going to happen here, so I continue to make bread and give at least half of it away to friends and family because I love doing it. I really don't want to know what it costs me to enjoy myself, but that's just me.

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To each his own.

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Though I don't use Excel, I have a constantly updated price list of my supplies, and a list of breads with price calculation. It's a little more trouble to work with than a more stream lined system.

JoeV, I had some thoughts on that, too. I am semi-retired, and liked the idea to do something for the community. Since I don't care for a lot of volunteering options, I consider my breads as my contribution to society.

I calculate my bread prices about 3 x the costs of the ingredients. I sure don't make an income with my little bakery, but I can indulge in my bread baking hobby as much as I want, break a little more than even on ingredients and equipment - and have a nice tax deduction for my home kitchen bakery.

But most of all, I enjoy myself thoroughly - and get a lot of appreciation from my customers, who love my breads.



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Hello Joe V and Hanseata:

 I am such an amature when comparing my bread baking with both of you.  Baking breads give me joy and satisfaction to my soul so I am continue to do it. I gave class as a public service once a year ago and charged $3.00 for the class. It was simple no knead bread and I calculate the price of the bread  to participant so they would know that bread making cost very little but give so much back in satisfaction and taste.

I will be teaching how to make two  different breads this Sat. and have 7 people signed up within 2 days!

We will continue with "heart breads" and Facoccia with preferment and overnigh starter later on.  I am very happy that people in my community started to make breads for themself and their family.  Who know we may gather into a larger bread club?

Eventhough I teach people how to make Thai foods, it is the bread baking that I love.





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it is really very rewarding to teach a group of interested people how to make good bread. Most of them think it's either rocket science,or, at least, includes hours of heavy physical labor.

I had several times small baking classes in my home kitchen - the participants had a great time, and were so proud to take a self made, freshly baked bread home.


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65% of your loaf is water therefore free. 2 % is salt. Yeast is so cheap in bulk that i don't figure it. Flour cost runs from .40 to a bit less a than a dollar per pound. Then for a pound and a half loaf will cost between 37 cents and about 87 cents.

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It would be difficult to build a convincing business model using that approach.

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is probaly the toughest way to make a living anyone could choose. You must not only calculate the cost of the material in the bread but also the cost of the fuel to bake it and the hot water and soap to clean up. You must amortize the cost of equipment and work space. There is insurance and hired help and payrolls.

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Karin, I wonder if you could tell me if you have insurance that covers your in-home bread classes.  I have started a cottage food baking business that's doing very well and am insured to sell my bread.  I would love to teach small groups in my home.  I've done it as a community volunteer, but once the class involves payment, I'm told you need insurance or at least a signed statement to protect yourself.  

Thanks, Joy

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If it's no trouble, I would like a copy of the calculator.

Thanks in advance,


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Lots of email requests for the calculator.  I posted it on my web site:

You can get it by clicking on "Technical Stuff", then on "Topic 5"

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am I the only one who can't find technical stuff on the link?



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I don't know if you noticed, but I requested a copy of the cost calculator quite a while ago (March 10, 2011). I still have it if you're interested.

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The website no longer exists.

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Hi all,

          I bought puff pastry from the stores (small squares) and when I took it out of the freezer to thaw, it has become shapeless and I don't want to waste it.  Please suggest a way to bring back its shape.  All the layers are sticking together and when I try to separate them, they have become shapeless.  Yes, I am using this for the first time.  Please help.

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This calculator may be of some help located at



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I'd love a copy of this. catling at gmail