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Bread to go with wings?

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Bread to go with wings?

Hello all!

I'm a little new to baking bread but I've been having a blast making some of the recipes on this site.  I just purchased BBA and it came in the mail on Tuesday.  What a wealth of information!

Anyways, I've been invited to a party on Saturday where they are serving finger foods but the bulk of the meal will be bbq chicken wings with carrots, blue cheese, celery etc. I'd like to bring some bread to go with it but I'm not sure what would be appropriate.  I was thinking of going with bread sticks or Portuguese sweet rolls but I'm not sure.  Any suggestions?

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For an occasion such as the one you describe, I'd bring Cheese Breadsticks. Make a simple white dough, add a little of shredded Gouda to it at the end. Then make up your breadsticks, brush with water, roll in shredded Gouda, proof and bake.

Good stuff...

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Here's a quick and tasty French Bread recipe. If you want it to last more than 1 day, add 1 oz. of olive oil to the water. You can put lots of different toppings on the bread, and if you make it Epi style, people can tear off a piece at a time.

For appetizers, I make the baguettes half the normal size, and now you have bite-sized pieces of bread...

You could even make an Epi wreath to use as an edible centerpiece...


Since you have BBA, you could also make Lavash crackers as an appy. Again, lots of topping options, and they go good with a sun-dried tomato & basil dip. Here are an assortment I made for a party in January, where I made 3 batches with salt, spicy and savory toppings. I also made the dough with 1/3 white, 1/3 wheat & 1/3 rye flours. Had to adjust the water a bit, but what a great explosion of flavors when you bit into each cracker. FYI, I ran the dough through my pasta machine to get an even thickness. This way I could make individual strips of dough with unique toppings.