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Young entrepreneur in need of mentors!

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Young entrepreneur in need of mentors!

Hi All!

I am a young entrepreneur in the midst of planning a bakery. I am seeking advice from every source I can regarding product, business, startup and really anything relating to the baking business.

I would be extremely grateful for any comments/ inupt from the many talented members of The Fresh Loaf.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Happy Baking!


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Welcome to TFL.  

While you don't state your location or what products you intend to bake, if you plan to open a bread bakery I think you will be better served by the professional community.  While there are a few professional bakers here, most of the TFL crowd consists of amateur home bakers who don't have the expertise you seek.

If you are in the United States, I suggest you join the Bread Bakers Guild of America.  They have an excellent listserv which is open to their membership.  A lot of professional advice is available there.

The King Arthur Flour Baking Education Center offers many professional level classes.  One that would be of great benefit to you is titled ""Setting Up a Successful Bakery."  The March class is full, but it will be offered again in 2011.  The link to the KAF Baking Education Center is here - the professional classes are linked on this page.

Best of luck in your endeavors.


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Thank you very much for the tips and links! Very useful information.

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Hey Emilytabm,

I have been baking professionally for about 16 years, mostly artisan whole grain breads.  A good way to figure out what sells well in your area is to visit local farmers' markets.  The artisan bread trade has exploded over the past five years and a lot of people are opening a lot of storefronts to take advantage of the trend. But the reality is that bread is an extremely perishable commodity, and unless you have a niche that fills a specific need it is a difficult endeavor.  I learned to bake the old fashioned way, by just doing it.  I have succeeded commercially by making sure that I have a market for every loaf I make.


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Thank you for your unput! I will definately take that into consideration...

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I understand there is a great non-profit organization called - it is an organization made up of retired business people who offer free advice in creating a business plan, marketing, etc.  There are local chapters throughout the US..visit and enter your zip code to find the chapter that is closest to you...

Love your gumption!