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Hey guys!


   I decided to kinda wing a bread dough.  I starter with about 3/4 cup active starter (around 100% hydration).  Added 175 grams whole wheat flour, and 175 grams water.  Let it sit out for about 7 hours.  It got nice and bubbley and puffed up.  To this I added 250 grams bread flour and 250 grams water.  This I then put in the fridge and am going to take it out about 36 hours later.


  What would be teh best way to tunr this into bread?  I was thinking I just add flour to bring teh hydration down to arounf 65-70l  Let ir rise, shape it proof it and then cook it.  I was also thinking I would bring it out of teh fridge and let it warm up for a few hours before I add any flour.





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Flour, water, salt, leavening = bread.  You have three of the ingredients.  All you need to do is adjust the formula for preferred hydration, flavor (salt) and leaveniing (yeast - starter) and go for it.

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  I guess I was asking more what should I do as far as procedure.  Should I let it warm up before I add more flour, or add the flour straight out of the fridge and let it warmup and rise at the same time.  Or if I needed to add considerably more flour so it has new food to rise. 

Bread is fun...

Salt I was aware of.


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  What I did was take it out of the fridge for about 1.5 hours.  I added another 200 grams of whole wheat flour and 200 grams of bread flour, 2 tsp sea saltand mixed it up. I added enough water to get it to where I wanted it to be.  Let it rise, shaped it, proofed it and then cooked it with steam in a 450 (ish) over.

 Seeing as it is only the 2nd bread I have made with a starter I am super happy with it.  It tastes great, really sour, and has a good crust.  I think it coudl have used another 5 mins in the oven but it is worth eatin'

  Here is a pic (first I have ever posted so sorry if I do it wrong)