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Starter with Photos

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Starter with Photos

Encouraged and inspired by others here in the past week I have 'let' my starters out of the refrigerator and am now allowing them to sit on my counter between uses. First part of the experiment was in deciding how much to feed.  After reading several threads I decided on small amounts and shaping them into balls. 

I began with 5g of starter and added 15g flour and 9g water for a hydration level of 60%.

I soon learned that my starters were too well behaved and weren't ripening in 12 hours time....I wanted them to ripen in that time frame so that if I want to throw together a recipe I can simply build on my 'ball' in the evening and be ready to go in the morning...

Adjustments in hydration didn't make a huge difference so I have begun to start with a tad more starter.  I am now experimenting with 9g starter 15g flour and 10g water....adjusted hydration a bit too.  Think my kamut starter is responding to this combo but rye starter is still sitting contentedly in her bowl...

I am including photos here because I know how much I have benefitted from others who post pictures....helps me soooo much in understanding what people are saying if a picture is included.  I am very new at this photo thing too so please forgive if proportions do not come out just right.

First photo will be of the small jars I store each ball in.  (I love color as a way to distinguish things - helps me stay organized!)



Second photo is of Ping.  My kamut starter.

Third and final will be of Pong. My rye starter.

There you have it.  My counter buddies. :-)

Thanks to all who have contributed here!

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I find that higher hydrations starters ripen quicker.  I have a 50% and a 100% hydration starter in the fridge and whilst the 50% one lasts 7 to 10 days without feeding, the 100% hydration one needs food every 3 to 4 days.