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BBA Challenge 2011: Week Eight - Cinnamon Buns

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BBA Challenge 2011: Week Eight - Cinnamon Buns

Week Eight of our BBA Challenge is underway! Here's the first page of my post hosting this week. For the rest of the post, or to see what the other BBA'ers did, click here to see:

Everyone loves cinnamon buns. Or at least I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like them (so my inductive sample has yet to run into a counterexample). You should also fear not: these are good cinnamon buns. I have no doubt that my fellow BBA’ers — or anyone who gives this recipe a whirl — will enjoy these tasty treats (I know my kids did, especially the 5 year old).

Although I’m a cinnamon bun fan, I have to admit that I wasn’t really all that fired about about this week’s challenge. What’s the problem? Simple: calories. Nowadays I don’ t eat over the top diet buster foods like these. I don’t see them as worth the calories. I can say with certainty that it’s been ages since I’ve walked through the mall and actually stopped at Cinnabon. That doesn’t mean that I’m not tempted to stop, and that I don’t always enjoy the smell walking by – -but all I see are big huge calorie-numbers floating above the buns, and that unfortunately ruins it for me. In fact, I’m certain that I’ll be bringing the ones left over to school tomorrow for my students to eat.  After all, what do they care about calories?



Chris at

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Great looking cinnamon buns!  You got an early start on these, now what are you going to do over the weekend?

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Very nice looking cinnamon rolls.  I like PR's recipe alot as do the people I bake them for,  I do the sticky roll part of the recipe and they are always a huge hit.


Nice goig!

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I think this weekend I'll just order out! :)

Roo -




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Since we had them coming up in the BBA Challenge, I cheated and made them for Valentine's day.  Here is what they looked like:

Before frosting:


After frosting: