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Hi everyone! My name is Justin, I work at a bakery in the Sacramento area. We make artisan breads; Rustic french, sourdough, ciabatta, pugliese, foccacia and challah. I've been baking for a little over 1.5 years. I make about 1600 loaves of various bread a week (aiaiai!) It's exhausting, but quite possibly the most interesting/fun thing I've ever done! I don't have any formal schooling for bread, and have learned everything hands-on and for more of the "why" aspect, reading. I love learning about new breads, and this site is great!

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Nice to have you here. 

So what do you find are the biggest daily challenges working in the bakery?

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Not enough time in the day!

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hi and welcome

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Justin, are you still on here and baking?  I live in sacramento too.