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Hello everyone, this site has great vibe!

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Hello everyone, this site has great vibe!

I just wanted to say hello to everyone on this site, it really is a wealth of information and has helped me tremendously. I was searching the internet for information on willow brotforms and came across a blog from this site that pointed me to SFBI, I stumbled around this site and was like “ ‘WOW KINDERED SPIRITS’ a place with a bunch of bread geeks like me!” I'm from Maine and became interested in baking artisan type breads using wild yeast and more recently trying to use when possible, organic flours. I started baking Sept of ’06 consistently baking weekends. I have had some failures and a few successes which is enough to keep me going.  I continually look forward to reading the posts of members as they tell chronicle their experiences in artisan baking.

Thanks  Joe 

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I love this site too.  In a world where everything is mechanized and fast, we have all decided to slow down and watch our bread rise.  I  truly see this as a life skill.  I always thought baking bread was old fashioned.  After baking bread for 6 years now, I consider myself a modern woman, not old fashioned.  Anyone who rolls their eyes when I say I bake bread has never had "real" fresh warm bread. We all have the glorious desire to bake.....and bake we will!