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Chocolate cherry bread recipe

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Chocolate cherry bread recipe

Hello everyone

I am new to the forum. Does anyone have a recipe for chocolate cherry bread. I discovered this artisan bread at Zingerman's bakery not long ago and would love to reproduce this at home. Has anyone figured it out ?

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Check this post out.

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Ah yes, Zing's chocolate cherry. Something I like to pick up there when I have the extra money to spend on it.

I do not have a recipe that is close to theirs, but Shiao-Ping's recipe seen here: Chocosourdough would be a great start for your needs.



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The recipe calls for drieded cranberries, which can be replaced with dried cherries

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The book "Breads from the La Brea Bakery" has a great recipe for the bread. I've made it a few times, to rave reviews.