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Bread Baking with granddaughter

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March 5, 2007 - 3:53pm -- suelynn

This is our daily bread.  We made loaves for her teachers.  Love to bake bread, just can't eat it all :)


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Submitted by Darkstar on

I got my start with the bread bug when I was about her age "helping" my mother bake wheat bread. Here I am 30 years later and this site rekindled my desire to bake. The smells of baking bread still take me back to being a little "helper" in the kitchen. I do believe your granddaughter will experience the same feelings later in life and bake because "grandma taught me to do it"!


What a wonderful gift!



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Submitted by suelynn on

That was very sweet of you to share your story.  Aren't children wonderful :) SueLynn

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Oh, thank you for commenting.  I can't believe it has been March since I was here with time to look around.  I had forgotten that I had uploaded this picture.   Thanks again :)