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Mixing the SFBI miche dough

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Mixing the SFBI miche dough

I am planning to bake the SFBI miche formula that a lot of members are baking lately. The formula sais to "mix thoroughly by hand" and then to do 4 folds during bulk fermentation. Is mixing thoroughly by hand means only to mix it until a dough forms? No kneadig at all?

Thanks David or anyone who made this gorgeous looking loaf.



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Hi, Jonathan. 

The idea is to mix by hand until the flour is fully and evenly hydrated. There should be no streaks or lumps of dry flour.

The autolyse, if employed, will complete the hydration of the flour and begin gluten development.


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The dough for this miche is of great mass, and my tendonitis doesn't do "speed 2" for very long. So I threw the mixed dough on the counter and mixed with well-floured hands.  Not really kneading, but mixing thoroughly on the counter.  The bread came out great.


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I just made this miche this weekend. It was amazing how gluten just develop and gluten stand just bond itself.

I left the dough to autolyse for 30 minutes. After autolyse, the dough start to feel silky smooth. I only knead them few minutes (out of the habit actually, I don't even think that it needed that), and the medium gluten development was already there.


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Thank you for the tips. I cant wait to bake it and post my results.