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Anyone want to trade dried sourdough starter?

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Anyone want to trade dried sourdough starter?

I thought it might be interesting to try different starters from different parts of the country or world. I am in upstate NY in the Lake George region.  Anyone interested in doing this?


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I'll send you some of mine... it actually got started in Romania, where I live, but I've kept it alive while I've been visiting my parents in the states.

If you can get yours to me before Feb. 28th then I can take it back to Romania with me.

I'll send you some as soon as I get an address :)

email me:

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...But at some users had the same idea and if you're lucky you could be finding traders in near your own area, maybe with no need to send the starter by you are the link: starters....I would interested if you wish to get a sourdough from Quito...Let me know! Paolo

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before you go through the trouble of exchanging dried starters, take a look at the topic of discussion in the link below:

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The cost of a postage stamp is no trouble. Even if the starters eventually take on the characteristics of my own it may prove interesting to taste test a few initially to taste the difference. Look at all the places that "sell" starters for crazy money just to play into the "hundreds of years old" claim....  Its all in good fun here..