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Sourdough naan recipe requested

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Sourdough naan recipe requested

Does anyone here have a recipe for sourdough naan? All of the naan recipes I've found online call for dry yeast. Also -- many naan recipes use yogurt. If I leave the sourdough out overnight, is the yogurt component going to spoil? Ditto for sourdough recipes involving eggs: how long is it safe to leave them out to rise?

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Since you're going to bake both as far as microorganisms goes it doesn't matter, the baking will kill anything not good to eat. I don't understand why anyone would eat raw dough so I don't see any problem. Experiment with how much yogurt to add to your naans I personally don't like too much yogurt in, especially if it's the thicker Greek kind. As for sourdough just leave out the yeast and use some sd starter. Use as much or as little as you like. Roughly 2g of starter per 5g of flour over a 6-8 hour rise is a good guide but play it by ear as starter activity, pH and temperature make quite a difference.Also it's worth mentioning that established natural leavens are very good at keeping their environment free from unwanted microorganisms.