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Hi; I just happen to came across this blog by searching some bread rolls, I love baking but never baked bread, last week I baked a Challah Bread and came out really good, as we speak I'm baking a Portuguese Bread so we'll see how that goes. 

I'm glad I found this blog its just perfect for amateurs like me.

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Welcome, Charli!

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I"m glad that you are enjoying it and that you found TFL.  Welcome!  A word of warning, though.  This bunch is more a collection of co-dependents than they are recovering addicts.  ;-)


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I am also just new to the forum. Decided I had to make bread only using my sourdough starter and have run into trouble (don't get those large random holes and my bread seems too moist) and found this forum.

I have made many beginner mistakes because I wanted (and still do) to bake more by feel than by careful measurement of ingredients. But tonight I'm headed to Targets to get the food scale that seems to be required. If I've learned anything, it's that weight is better than volume.