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Starter Request in DC

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Starter Request in DC

Howdy, y'all,

My name's Aaron, and I find myself in DC for the month.  This is a wondeful place to be, and I'm excited to be here, but I had to leave my starters behind on the left coast.  I was wondering if there was any chance anyone in the area might be willing to give me a couple of tablespoons of active starter, that I might not be constrained to baking with commercial yeast for the balance of the month.  I'm an apprentice farmer, in town to study the craft of curing pork, and while I could live without my pain au levain, I'd rather not, given my druthers.  I'm in the heart of the city, and can go anywhere Metro or my feet could take me.  I appreciate any help anyone would be willing to offer.  Thanks in advance guys.

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Send me an e-mail to MikeSwifty at yahoo dot com and I can help you out.  I live very close to the red line.  At the moment, I have a starter I've been feeding with rye flour and a starter I've been feeding with AP flour (it was one starter that got fed differently in order to make different breads, so I now count it as two starters, whether or not that's technically true).  I keep them at 100% hydration.