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New to The Fresh Loaf... going it alone with a Patisserie!

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New to The Fresh Loaf... going it alone with a Patisserie!

Hello Everyone,

Thought I might introduce myself... I'm new to using forums, although have been a fan of the website for some time. I'm run a tiny patisserie from home, selling vienoisseries to local shops and at farmer's markets... I'm trying to expand and hoping to set up an artisan style Patisserie in the North Cornwall area..

All very exciting, but terrifying at the same time!

I look forward to contributing to the forums, although I will definitely be more use on the pastries side than the breads. Also it will be great to getting to know other baking enthusiasts.


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Hello there Ruby and welcome to TFL. While the main point of discussion here is breads, plenty of us are interested in patisserie or at least seeing it done properly. I'm looking forward to seeing your work.


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Hi Ruby and welcome. I love making pastry as well as baking bread. Several years ago I attended a full week of pastry "boot camp" at the Culinary Institute of America. Since then, I make my own puff pastry, tart doughs, Danish doughs, pate a choux, etc. I look forward to seeing your fine creations.