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Starters in Toronto?

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Starters in Toronto?

Hello everone,

This may be a bit forward, but I was wondering if anybody in Toronto has a lively starter that they would be willing to share a little portion of with me?  I've been having a heck of a time trying to get one started.  I had a very good one about a year ago but dumped it when I moved. 

I'm willing to pick it up from anywhere in the city!

Thanks for your consideration!


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I live to the north and east of the city, just south of Port Perry.  My starter is almost ten years old now, and you're certainly welcome to some if you want.  It's a bit dormant at the moment, but I could feed it up to scratch fairly quickly.  A little too far for me to drive it in, but I could send it to you by post or we could meet somewhere in between.  Let me know, either by a post here or a message.


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