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hi all,

I am looking for recipe to "flute" which is kind of mini baguette but i think its softer.





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Made some the other day, very good. Used recipe from "Local Breads" Daniel Leader. Have had the book for 2 weeks now and have baked two of the breads. Hate to step on any copyrights so I'll give the percents.

Poolish 36

water 55

yeast 1

bread flour 91

corn flour 9

salt 2

The book is a great read of bread making in Europe and how the real breads are still being made.


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Is a flute a particular formula or is it a particular shape?  

I think the latter, as noted at this site which describes it as being "twice the size of a baguette."

Also came across a bakery offering a pumpernickle flute.

It's a term that doesn't seem to pop up much in bread books.  Maybe one of our French members can chime in.

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Found Corn flour at the local Whole Foods in Georgia. It's from Bob's Red Mill. From the label " We mill our Whole Grain Organic Corn Flour from whole yellow corn kernels with all the nutrients intact -- the germ, bran and endosperm." I guess there are other recipies one could use. I included the one I came across. And it is also a shape being shorter and thinner than a baguette. This info came from the above mentioned book and the French Baker who shared his formula.