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Uganda 1999 [Ug99]

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Uganda 1999 [Ug99]

I've come across an item that is currently below the consciousness of the press.

After speaking to several contacts it became evident that this may be of a greater concern than first meets the eye. Without further adieu I reference the best recounting of the story available on the web:


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Though the article was published a year back, it is really disturbing.

Thank you, Wild-Yeast for reminding us of the bounty we are currently enjoying. I shall bake while i can!

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That's a truly terrifying article. Pity about the crackpots who came out of the woodwork to comment, but I guess you can understand why the Armageddonites swarm around a piece like this.

This is one of many warnings that we have some major adjustments to attend to - and in this case, time may be shorter than we think. Not healthy to dwell on this sort of thing, but may be catastrophic not to.

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That the scientist working on trying to stop the spread of this fungus are successful.