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San Diego bakers

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San Diego bakers

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to start up a group of San Diego-area bakers.  This would be a social group to get together, share recipes, eat bread and other baked goods, and just generally have a good time. 

I've found an old San Diego baking group but it looks like it hasn't been active in a while.  Members of that included bshuval, mse1152, Kurt, Susan, Elagins, xlperro.  We could meet at local bakeries, maybe see if we can get a field trip to some of our local artisan bakers like Bread et Cie, Bread on Market, and Sadie Rose.  Maybe we meet up at someone's house to bake some bread?  Anyone got a wood-fired oven? 

Interests include bread, pizza, and everything that goes in an oven and comes out delicious.  First-time bakers and experienced bakers are all welcome!  You can reply here, PM me, or email me at sandiegobakers (at)  Thanks!