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calling all sprouted wheat bread bakers

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sprouted bread baker

calling all sprouted wheat bread bakers


I want to host a conference/gathering for bakers of sprouted wheat breads. Commercial bakers and home bakers. Anyone who has been working to perfect the wonderful breads that are derived from sprouted wheat. At Columbia County Breads, we buy our wheat from local organic farmers and bake our sprouted whole grain breads in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania - about two and a half hours due west from NYC. 

If you're at all interested, please contact me as we would love to host a yearly gathering to share information, techniques, tips and breads and dispel myths and false claims about sprouting and sprouting techniques. The time frame for this gathering is likely to be fall of 2011 but no date has been set.

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Mary Fisher



In England?



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sprouted bread baker

I'm more than happy to host it in our very accommodating and large kitchen in Bloomsburg, PA. We're located about ten miles from Brandt Mills - a sprouted grain miller who supplies a major organic grocery chain with sprouted wheat flour. We're also close to Essential Eating and maybe we can get them to come in and talk to us and we're close to Unique Pretzels - a specialized baker of sprouted pretzels and we're in the heart of a very active community of organic farmers and growers - including growers of organic wheats and rye and heritage wheats. To top it off, we're ten minutes from Forks Farm, one of the premiere organic growers markets in the country.

Who out there besides me is interested in seeing something like this happen?

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I'm interested! Although I live in California now, I spent my early childhood in Columbia County (Bloomsburg, RD Orangeville, Catawissa), and I try to drive through on my annual pilgrimage to PA. Maybe we could meet up when I'm next out there -- probably October.

In the meantime, a toast to the fertile and beautiful land of Columbia County, and to the farmers who care for it.