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beer tasting bread

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beer tasting bread

How do I stop my bread having a beer taste? Cheers all

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Sorry tower1, truly.  I just could not resist.  I mean no affront.  Welcome to The Fresh Loaf, where we try to enjoy bread, each other, and help each other when we can.

On a serious note, I'm afraid you will have to provide at least some details about your bread, your formula, your process in order for anyone to be of any help.  While your question is simple and straight forward there is just nothing here to support even a guess that might help you out.

So, is it sourdough, or yeast?  What mix of flours?  What formula are you working with?  Describe your process:  pre-ferment?  What type (biga, poolish, sponge, pate fermente)?  How do you build your dough?  Fermentation time? Just one formula giving you trouble or is it a common thread among many different breads?

As I said, anyone will need some information in order to even attempt to try to help you out.  Try to fill in some blanks and you will get lots of advice.

Hang in there!

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If you're using a starter that has an alcohol aroma and taste it's typically an underfed starter. It won't have a lot of leaving power and has probably been underfed for some time.

If you're using a yeast recipe with instant or dry yeast and it's meant to be a quick rise recipe it can have a very strong yeasty/beer taste.



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I don't really have anything to add to the replies you've already recieved, but I can say, I've had the same problem and for me it helped to reduce the amount of yeast.

Not to advertise or anything, but feel free to have a look at my Yogurt Carrot Bread on this site, it has only 15g yeast to 450g flour, but the rising times are longer than usual.

Welcome to TFL, by the way. Happy baking.