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Advice on Stand Mixers

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Advice on Stand Mixers

Hello! Excited that i just signed up for the Fresh loaf, i always am looking on this site for bread help.

Anways, i have been researching stand mixers for months now and want to make the right decision, because these things are so costly!  I am wondering if any of you could off some advice as to what your using?  Right now i have a cuisinart 5.5qt mixer on loan from my aunt.  it works well for doing one loaf at a time, but today i tried to do two today and it started smelling like the motor was burning.  I am looking into starting to sell my bread from home, so i would need a mixer that could handle some tough kneading (i also try to only use whole grains). 

What do you think of the Bosch ?  Maybe the 7qt cuisinart? 

Thanks in advance!



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Hi Hannah- I too have been researching mixers for several months. I had just about decided to go with the 7 qt. Quisinart myself. Then I started calling companies that sold both the Quisinart and the Bosch. Altho I love the look of the Quisinart- it will be out in the garage if it doesn't do what I bought it, I was told over and over that the Bosch is the workhorse (I've seen a friends and it definately looks like it is built to last!) Long story short, I ordered the Bosch today. They are going up in price next week, so if you can, order it now and save yourself about $80! Good luck :)

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The mixer you buy really depends on the kids of bread you want to make and how many loaves you want to make at one time.  I have a 6 qt kitchenaide that works well for white breads and some whole grain breads but can not handle more than 2 loaves.  Esp ones with heavy whole grains.  Then I have a DLX that works fantastic for whole grains and batches up to 6 loaves. 

SO consider what it is you will be making the most of.  I know some people who what Bosch's and love them.  But I don't know much about the cuisinart.

Good luck and ahppy baking.

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I love my Bosch. It's design does look like something from the 60's and probably keeps many people from buying it but it sure functions well!!!(see my comments in the other thread)

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thanks for the responses!

I dont make white breads, so i need a mixer that can handle heavy kneading with whole grain.  The one bad review i've read about the Bosch is that it can't handle one loaf batches well.  So i guess I'll just need to learn how to freeze for later.


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I have the Bosch and it works fantastic when making one loaf.  I've made several single loaves during the past few weeks and the mixer just hummed along.  One thing I've noticed about the Bosch is that it mixes quickly and well, even on the lowest speed.  When a recipe says to mix for 2 minutes until ingredients are combined, with the Bosch, the ingredients are combined in about 30 secs.   I'm extremely happy with it and glad I spent the money.

BTW, it also whips one egg white quite well, too.