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Bouabsa Starter Recipe

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Bouabsa Starter Recipe

I am having difficulity in finding the recipe for the "Bouabsa Sourdough Starter"  after many atttempts in searching the internet and also  searching on The Fresh Loaf, I am still uncertain

of a correct recipe.  If anyone can directed me to a link I would appreciate it very much.  I am a bread baker for many years and have successfully used starter mixes, however never

baked a baguette.   Thanks and happy baking to all...Toni

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Anis Bouabsa doesn't use sourdough in his baguettes, which is why you probably couldn't find it.

However, David Snyder modified the Bouabsa formula to include sourdough.  Here's the link to that section of his blog.

It's a wonderful formula. 

Also take a look at SteveB's method.  Follow it precisely (hand mixing only) and you'll get great results. 

Hope this is what you were looking for.

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Thanks LindyD, I appreciate you taking the time in helping me clarify the

Bouabsa formula.  Going to France later this year and I "am" making the

bakery a definate stop.  I love Paris!  Baguette is next weeks project!

Thanks you again ToniYoz

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Hi, ToniYoz.

I think Lindy answered your question, but since you are interested, and especially since you plan to visit Anis' bakery, you may be interested in another perspective on his connection with TFL.

Janedo, a French home baker who was active on TFL a couple years ago, first brought Anis Bouabsa and his award-winning baguettes to our attention. Jane has some entries on her own blog that document her personal contacts with Bouabsa and what she and I did, starting with his formula.

Here are some links to her blog you may find interesting:

Ma grande quête de la baguette- Baguettes au levain

Pain de campagne au levain de David/David's sourdough pain de campagne

Revenons aux baguettes.../Back to baguettes



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David, Thanks for the additiional information.  I greatly appreciate it.  Last week I made Julia Childs Boeuf Bourguignon and it came out wonderful!  This week is braised veal cheeks..ahh with a baguette.  My dream is to rent an appartment in Paris for a month, walk around the city with my baguette and enjoy all the sites and sounds.  Bon appetit my friends.