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March 2, 2007 - 11:52am -- ron45

I built this oven soon after I became enamored of building with cob [clay dirt lots of sand and straw. Kiko Denzer's book was a great help. And cob is a pure delight to work with. If there is a sculptural cell in your body cob will bring it out.....for better or worse. I'll add other shots later. It seems pretty clunky to have to upload pics one at a time. This is in a lot of ways my favorite stage of the oven's completion but it needs lime plaster on it to protect it from the elements better.


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Submitted by pumpkinpapa on

Hi Ron, Peter here in southern ontario, I like the details you added, the eye especially! I finally have a roof on mine, but it's too cold to apply a plaster yet.