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Howdy from Florida

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Howdy from Florida

I'm Alan Hagan and I live in the Gainesville, Florida area.  I used to bake all of the loaf bread and much of the other bread my family ate, but got away from it for a while due to time issues.  Lately I've gone back to it again.  Mostly whole-wheat bread though for some things such as raisin bread I'll go 50:50 whole-wheat and refined flour.  We mill our own flour and corn meal with a Whispermill.

 I came across The Fresh Loaf some time ago but only occasionally dropped in to read.  Did the board undergo some major changes in the last year or so?  I seem to recall it looked different last time I was here.

 I'm always looking for new ideas and information.

 Glad to be here.



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I switched CMSes a year and a half ago or so. Otherwise... mmm... it has evolved a bit, but I think it has been fairly consistent for the last year.

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I hope this site prooves to be as helpful in your world of "breading" as it has mine...

( I think my husband includes several authors of recipes in his prayers )


I am currently hooked on the NYT versions of bread. Plus it is now getting into the low 40's C where I live, so cooking and baking are on the backburner so to speak.