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Okay to Transfer Starter

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Okay to Transfer Starter

After a couple false starts on my first attempt at a sourdough starter, I have me first starter and it's ALIVE!! Maybe too much  :-O

On day 6 (today), I was coming downstairs and could smell that nice yeasty smell and to my surprise when I walked into the kitchen I found that the starter had come ALIVE and was spilling out of the top of the jar (when it has always been about 1/4 to 1/3 of the jar). It's growing like crazy now and I just had to stir it down again.

My question is .... can/should I transfer the starter to a larger jar? Is that okay to do? I do plan to take my first pull from the starter this afternoon in preperation to make my first sourdough loaf and I thought that would be a good time to transfer and refresh the starter.


... any help would GREATLY be appreciated. I don't want to loose my first starter-baby!!

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The yeasties were growing like crazy and I had to make the transfer to a larger jar. It was like the "Blob" growing out of control. I hope the starter survives the move - they seem to be still going crazy!!

Here are some pictures;

1. Transfer to large jar from small jar.



2. The starter bubbling away in the new jar

ALIVE after transfer.JPG

3. The first pull of starter to make my first sourdough loaf tomorrow!


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I don't think it's going to  have any effects as long as your new jars are clean. I've done this every once in a while to make sure that my starter lives in a clean container.