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Tartine's Whole Grain Seeded Bread

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Tartine's Whole Grain Seeded Bread

 A awsome very rustic bread: I did a preferment for about 18hours, autolyzed the dough and gave it some stretch and fold, then chilled over night. I let the dough wake up for about 3 hours, shaped and proofed for about 2 hours. I baked in a preheated oven (500F) under a preheated cover but on a cold baking sheet ( have only the one the bread was proofing on) 30 Min covered at 450F then 20 min uncovered. I will use a cold baking sheet again since to my surprise it turned out better than with a preheated sheet.

I changed the original formula to 500gr BF and 500gr WW instead of 350 gr BF and 650 WW.