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KoMo Grain Mill Flour Sifter

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KoMo Grain Mill Flour Sifter

I just got a KoMo grain grinder, and am having a wonderfult ime making whole grain breads. I'm now thinking of ordering the flour sifting attachment in the hopes that I can produce flours for cakes and pastries. Has anyone here used this, or have any comments on it? I should add that I have hard white wheat for breadmaking, and also soft white wheat. I assume that it's the soft wheat I'd use for non-bread baking.

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Just a comment about the price for the sifting attachment, I think it is to expensive.  I currently sift my flour with a Jobe classifier #20.  This is 20 strands of stainless steel wire per inch.  You can also get #30, #50, and #100.  The classifier sits on top of a 5 gallon bucket.  I can put a kilogram of milled flour in mine and sift it in less than a minute.  You can buy the classifiers for around $20 to $25.