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Greetings from Gold Country, CA

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Greetings from Gold Country, CA

Hello Bakers,  I just found your site and am delighted to become part of your community.  My Mom taught me to bake at 9. She was considered the baker in her extended family.  Although her bread was very good, I've strived to improve my skills beyond the average home loaf to artisan-style European breads.  My studies have included Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book, Joe Ortiz' The Village Baker and, most recently, Tartine Bread.  I've had some good success with recipes from Village Baker, but my favorite bread has been turned out using the techniques and recipes from Chris Kimball's Cooks Illustrated.  Using the cast iron dutch oven has produced the crust I've been after.  I'm really looking forward to trying out the technique from Tartine Bread.

Now I'm trying to find the nearest source for freshly-milled flour.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Hi, eldoradobaker.

Welcome to TFL!

The best source of "freshly-milled flour" is probably your own kitchen. Is getting a grain mill an option for you?


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Hi there El Dorado Baker I'm and old Placervillian

Happy bread making


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I'm down just below Lake Comanche to your south and west.  Welcome to TFL! 

I have to agree with David about getting a mill and milling your own.  There is a miller in Arbuckle up north of Davis along I-5, but I have not tried her.  You can find references here on TFL with the search box.  Better to find sources of grains, and get a mill if you can.  It is fun, and the results are amazing.


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Thanks for the greetings and the suggestion of a flour mill.  I'll search for one. Now I can't wait to try bread made with fresh flour!

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where are you in gold country? i might be able to point you in the right direction depending on where you are.

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El Dorado Hills.  Thanx for any help you can provide.